V-3 Submersible Borewell Pump

V-3 Submersible Borewell Pump

Submersible borewell pumps with water filled motors are cost effective, durable, versatile and energy efficient. Specially designed energy efficient motors to operate for longer duration and trouble free operations in tough working conditions. It is easy assemble, dismantle, easily service pump & rewindable motor.

  • V-3 Submersible Borewell Pump

    • Suitable for 80 MM & 100 MM borewells
    • Available in 1Ø
    • Available in range of 0.5 HP to 1.5 HP
    • Designed to operate in sandy bores and low voltage conditions
    • Motors are easy re-windable
    • Specially designed CSR motors.
    • Durable and steady design to work in adverse conditions
    • Wide range of pumps to suit every applications
    • Confirm IS-8034 Standard


    • Mix flow model are also use for agriculture water supply.
    • Housing, complexes and bungalows water supply.
    • Gardens, farms and nurseries water supply.
    • Domestic water supply.
    • High rise buildings water supply.


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