UG Cable

UG Cable

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Underground cables help in ensuring uninterrupted power supply that are hitherto uncommon in overhead systems. The main hindrance in ensuring uninterrupted power supply through overhead systems is the non-availability of space in developed urban areas.

  • UG Cable

    • Higher Current Rating.
    • Higher Short Circuit Rating.
    • Longer Service Life.
    • For a short time it can withstand maximum 130o C and is favourable to endure short circuit stresses.
    • It is less sensitive to the setting of the network protection.
    • Because of the thermosetting process taking place due the effect of cross linking, the crack resistance is increased.
    • Due to the chemical cross-linking internal stresses are reduced. Consequently the material is less sensitive during manufacturing process to the setting of the cooling gradient.
    • The thermal resistivity of cross-linked material is favourably low, compared to thermoplastic material.
    • The low dielectric loss is a significant advantage.
    • The excellent mechanical features of the insulation improves the protection against external effects.
    • The resistance of the XLPE to acids, alkalies is outstanding and is often compensating the adverse environmental influences.


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